The Traveling Nameless

Princes of the Apocalypse

Many Paths, One Destination

After their victory at the Hill of Lost Souls, the Traveling Nameless was given a seemingly simple task by Sildar Hallwinter and the Lord’s Alliance. They were to find a delegation that was traveling from the eastern city of Mirabar to Waterdeep on the Sword Coast. The delegation never made it to Mirabar, and has not been heard from in a month.

Our heroes arrived in the western outpost of Red Larch, a town near the Sumber Hills that acts as a common westbound waypoint and along the route the delegation would have traveled. In Red Larch, the Nameless met various citizens and shopkeepers, who all pointed them in different directions – toward the local tavern, toward rumors of masked figures haunting the town at night, toward a shady keelboat skipper in the neighboring village of Womford, and toward the mysterious Sumber Hills themselves.

Upon further investigation into the disappearance of the delegation to Mirabar, the Traveling Nameless uncovered burning secrets in the town of Red Larch.

Firstly, the town was being secretly governed by a collection of affluent citizens who called themselves the Believers and met in an old mining center they called the Tomb of Moving Stones. There, the Believers sought to unlock the mysteries of floating stones that were actually just remnants of an enchanted mine that allowed its owners to easily move stones back and forth.

Secondly, the Believers were being manipulated by Larrakh, a cultist of the Black Earth who sought to regain favor from his cult by handing over the town of Red Larch. It was discovered that the four Elemental cults had settled in the Sumber Hills in search of the Elemental Evil, which each cult raced to find in order to bring forth their own brand of apocalypse.

Not to be outdone, our heroes dispatched the local Black Earth cultists and deceived the Believers into thinking that the Nameless were readers of the stones, who would teach the Believers their ways as long as they no longer harmed townspeople and continued to provide the party with information.

This directed them to Rivergard Keep, one of four elemental strongholds, this one held by the cult of the Crushing Wave. Upon infiltrating the keep, the Nameless stealthily assassinated 8 guards, before moving on to a barracks of 16 unarmed and unarmored cultists, where they set a personal record of 16 kills in 12 seconds (1.33 kills/sec). We rejoin our heroes at 3pm in the now empty barracks of Rivergard Keep, having just interrogated and killed a briefly paralyzed cultist. They now know the location of the remaining Haunted Keeps, which serve as operating bases of the rest of the elemental cults.

The Traveling Nameless continued mowing down Crushing Wave cultists in their base of operations – Rivergard Keep.

They confronted Jollivar Grimjaw, a wereboar commander of the cult who was defeated and subjected to a grisly interrogation at the hands of Davorian Soulaxe. Grimjaw revealed that the cult knew of the party’s presence in Red Larch, and posited that they would never be able to defeat his master, known as Shatterkeel.

The party narrowly avoided six ghouls and the rest of the cultist guards as they escaped the keep and headed west toward Scarlet Moon Hall, base of the cult of the Eternal Flame.


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