I am a descendant of Menzoberra, the namesake which is also the birthplace of one of the few notable “good” drow, Drizzt Do’Urden. Was born into the House Duskryn. Known for extreme cruelty.

My grandmother Lineer Duskryn was the high priestess of a devoted clut of Lolth which worships Kiaransalee who is known to use their healing magic to keep their slaves working. so far as to bring them back to life to continue working. Fun Fact: Kiaransalee is an enemy of Orcus and even killed him at one time. He has since been resurrected and for protection she drank the venom of Lolth and is now under complete servitude.

My father, Kalan, becoming a well respected war priest thrust me into the same focus growing up. Recognition in drow communities is based purely on accomplishments and strength so the fact I am from a respected family does not mean anything individually to the community. So originally my magic stems from treatment and care of slaves to the point of necromancy. I am one of three children. All mothered from Qualn, a matron mother of a top house. One older brother who did not prove himself gifted in magic has become a merchant banished from the house and younger sister shows powers stronger than my own even at a much younger age.

At a time where my power was being threatened by my younger sister word of Liriel Baenre reached me. She is a worshiper of Eilistraee who was currently being hunted by her house. It was not until this event that I learned the true beliefs of those who follow Eilistraee. She is the daughter of Lolth. She is chaotic good, goddess of song, dance, swordwork, hunting, the moon and beauty. Her followers are focused on bringing their people back to the surface and make peace with the elves that they broke apart from in the past.

Being in a high family I overheard direct plans to eliminate Liriel and released a young slave to warn her about the approach. I was found out by my younger sister and she made me a deal that instead of telling the truth and sentencing me to death she would challenge me for rightful heir in my family and lose on purpose, resulting in me being banished from my father.
Since not agreeing with the views of my family anyway, I took this chance to escape the underdark and travel to the Promenade of the Dark Maiden to study the teachings of Eilistraee. It is there I matured and tailored my magic to help recruit fellow drow and teach people on the surface that we are all not evil people.


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