Patzer Perabo


I was born into the large, poor, Perabo family in a small village called Stablefirth on the outskirts of a large kingdom. Stablefirth was made up of a close-nit halfling community thats main source of prosperity was agriculture and hand-made goods used for trading in the kingdom’s marketplace. My father, Peribis Perabo, was doing his best to raise and protect my 4 sisters and I after our mother passed away in a tragic mishap with the town water well. He did his best to provide for us with his small wool business and sheep farm, and we did our best to help him and take care of each other. Being the oldest of the sisters, a lot of maternal responsibility was passed along to me and it became a lot of work and pressure.

The town of Stablefirth did not have a lot to offer a young, female halfling. I received many marital proposals from the halfling boys in my village, the ones I knew my whole life, the ones who would be able to offer me a comfortable life in Stablefirt, but nothing more. I yearned to explore and wander, to see the world outside of the small town I lived in my whole life.

I often accompanied my father to the kingdom’s market to sell his wool. It was a chance for me to get out of Stablefirth and get a small glimpse into the big city life. I would wander the cobblestone streets of the city, observing how the noble women walked, what they wore, what they talked about. I would fantasize about being one of them, wearing jewelry and silk, having the attention of charming, rich men. Like most halflings, I was a troublesome opportunist, a nomadic wanderer, a seeker of wealth. This desire would ultimately be my demise and lead me to where I am today.

One afternoon whilst selling wool in the kingdom, I got lost on one of my wandering walks, and ended up down a pathway I had never seen before. Just as I began to panic, a gentleman in red robes emerged from the shadows. “Are you lost, my dear?” he said in a deep, mysterious voice. I was immediately drawn to him. The excitement, his charm, his height, it all pulled me in. We began meeting in secret every time I visited the kingdom because I knew my father would disown me, and the people in the kingdom would never approve of a man and a halfling relationship. Little did I know, they were all right.

The man and I met secretly for about 4 months before it ended, before I would never see my family or Stablefirth again. He would give me lavish gifts that I would hide under my bed, and tell me I was beautiful. I believed I was in love with him, and I would do anything for him.

One evening we were enjoying a nice dinner in his home when the doors burst open and 4 men began screaming at him and me, threatening him, hitting him, asking about the money they were owed. I was so confused and had no idea what was going on, I feared for my life and my love’s. They finally said, “you have 1 week,” and left.

He explained to me that he was in some financial troubles but had a plan to get out of it, but he needed my help. He explained how a friend showed him how to make pornographic viewing devices for men in the kingdom, and that they paid a lot for them. That’s when I knew what he wanted me to do, and that I had to do it for him.

The next day I traveled back to Stablefirth in the early morning hours, before my father woke to tend to the sheep. I left him and my sisters a letter as well as where to find the gifts I hid in order to sell them for money. I didn’t explain where I was going or what I was doing, I only stated that it was for love and I would try to visit them soon, but I never would.

The next few weeks, we began making the porn, and began making a lot of money, more than enough to pay back the debt. At first it was kind of fun, I liked the money and I liked the attention and feeling beautiful and important. I became very popular among the men in the kingdom and he could see that, I think the greed overtook him in the end.

After about 2 months of the business, I began feeling sick. I knew that I had become pregnant and knew I needed to stop what we were doing for my health and the baby. When I explained this to him he became very angry and refused to let me stop. I was persistent, I only had my unborn baby in mind, and wanted to do anything to protect it and I knew I had to leave and go back to Stablefirth. As I was packing my things and starting to leave, he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me back into the house, he pulled so hard he swang me around and into the side of the table. I knew in my gut that I lost the baby. I was so sad and angry, I didn’t really think about what I did next. I grabbed the large hammer next to the fireplace and began swinging it at him. He finally fell over and I didn’t stop hammering. As I stepped back and looked at what I had done, I didn’t feel much guilt, I just felt panic, because I knew I had to run far, far away.

So I took my bag, the hammer I used to make my first kill, and I started off in the opposite direction. Far away from Stablefirth and my family, far away from the kingdom and anyone who would find me or know me. All I had was my hammer, my anger, and my lack of trust for men. With that I began my journey on foot for a new life and new company. The only thing I desire is friendship, adventure, and a chance to forget what I’ve been through and lost. After a month of traveling alone, I ended up in a random pub in a random town called Fallcrest. That’s where I met the first group of people I could call my friends in a long, long time.

Patzer Perabo

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