The Traveling Nameless

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning


Five months. It’s been five months since you travelled to Red Larch. Five months since you were tasked with finding the lost delegation of Mirabar. Five months since you began fighting members of the four elemental cults. Five months since you were too late to stop them from bringing forth the apocalypse.

You failed. The world ended. The cults battled amongst themselves to end the world. And in the fury of battle, it wasn’t clear who won. Because the world lost. The east of Faerun, where the Endless Wastes lie, were engulfed in flame. The north, with the lands of Sembia, Inpiltur, and Narfell, was swept up by tornadoes or turned into floating isles in the sky, beacons of flying death. The South, with the lands of Dambrath and the Shaar, have been swallowed by the earth or turned into mountainous terrain, impossible to navigate. There are rumors that the Underdark in that region was entirely destroyed. And finally, the west, the Sword Coast, your home, where your new friends and allies, and even enemies lived, fell into the sea.

You, like many refugees, find yourselves now in a central territory, once known as Turmish, just southwest of the Pirate Isles, in the city of Alaghon. Turmish is relatively untouched by the elements, but is surrounded on all sides by them. You escaped here with your lives, and not much more. The mining town of Phandalin is completely under water. Melech is missing. Sildar Hallwinter is dead. The Lord’s Alliance is in ruins, as well as the Harpers, the Order of the Gauntlet and the Emerald Enclave. If the Zhentarim still exists, it has fallen completely silent. There are no more heroes, and the world has never before been in such dire need of them.

This is Faerun now, and the damage appears to be irreparable.

You move through your homes, a refugee camp on the outskirts of the city, finding work when you can, helping those you can, but disheartened and keeping a low profile.

The Traveling Nameless left their shantytown at the outskirts of Alaghon to deliver provisions to the nearby town of Nonthal, when they were ambushed by zombies. After quickly dispatching them, they traced a cult amulet and its magic back to Ironfang Keep, home of the Heralds of the Manticore.

Navigating their way through traps, false traps, and zombie guards, our heroes met Flaxuul, a beholder and the last survivor of the Heralds of the Manticore, who was working on a ritual to turn back time before the elemental cults ruined the world so that he could start his own brand of apocalypse. The Nameless struck a deal with Flaxuul, agreeing to retrieve the ritual’s key ingredients – four elemental stones from the four elemental territories.


The Traveling Nameless, on their quest to collect the four elemental orbs for Flaxuul’s time ritual, entered the Black Geode, headquarters of the Cult of the Black Earth.

Upon defeating waves of cultists, elementals, and lieutenants, our heroes discovered Rhundorth the dwarf, part of the Mirabar delegation the party had been tasked with locating at the beginning of their adventure, almost a year ago. Rhundorth revealed that not only were the other delegates still alive and prisoners of the various cults, but the Cult of the Eternal Flame had captured Melech as well, and that each cult leader was attempting to summon the elemental gods, the princes of the apocalypse.

The Nameless went on to encounter Marlos Unrayle, leader of the Cult of the Black Earth as he attempted to bring forth the earth god Ogremoch. Defeating him and cancelling his ritual, our heroes collected the earth elemental orb, as well as Marlos’ weapon Ironfang.


The Traveling Nameless, on their quest to collect the four elemental orbs for Flaxuul’s time ritual, entered the Weeping Colossus, volcanic headquarters of the Cult of the Eternal Flame.

After nimbly bounding on pillars surrounded by lava and dispatching a cultist Razerblast, they discovered the cult’s prisoners – Teresiel the Silverymoon elf from the Mirabar delegation, and their very own Melech. Upon learning the cult’s password “Hail to the Heart of Fire” and getting past the Flaming Skull guardian, the Nameless encountered an Efreeti named Darjeeling, who they convinced to let them pass under the condition that they defeat the Eternal Flame and somehow provide him with a larger home (?).

The Nameless went on to encounter Vanifer, leader of the Cult of the Eternal Flame as she attempted to bring forth the fire god Imix. Our heroes finally started fighting as a unit as they ducked for each other’s attacks, and used a combination of Veylin’s Hold Person, Patzer’s Hew, Hollykhan’s deft double shot, Davorian’s Sneak Attack, and Nim’s Lightning Bolt to defeat Vanifer before her ritual got too far.


The Traveling Nameless, on their quest to collect the four elemental orbs for Flaxuul’s time ritual, entered the Howling Caves, floating headquarters of the Cult of the Howling Hatred.

While expertly crossing frozen lakes, breathless caves, and hazardous chasms, our heroes deftly fought off an air elemental, withstood a hall of Manshoon’s whispers, and rescued the Mirabar delegate Deseyna from a pair of invisible demon barlguras.

The Nameless went on to defeat four priests in an extremely windy hall of worship, only to find Aerisi Kalinoth, leader of the Cult of the Howling Hatred, finishing her ritual to bring forth the air god, Yan-C-Bin.

As if they were experienced superheroes, the Nameless broke Aerisi’s concentration with a combination of paralysis, witch bolts, and good old fashioned iron and steel to cut off her wings (gross) and stop her from even getting a shot off at them. Retrieving the third elemental orb, the party narrowly escaped from the thunderous fall of the floating isle.


The Traveling Nameless, on their quest to collect the four elemental orbs for Flaxuul’s time ritual, entered the Plunging Torrents, sunken headquarters of the Cult of the Crushing Wave.

After being shot out of their airship’s cannons by Melech, our heroes were tempted by a floating globe of water, survived steep waterfalls, drowned cultists locked in a cage, and evaded ghasts, ice mephits and torturous pirates. They used a narwhal horn in a scrying ritual to examine other caverns in the Plunging Torrents, and successfully befriended a resident of the cave system, a giant octopus they named George.

With the help of George, the Nameless defeated two Dark Tide knights and their water weird mounts, and moved on to confront Gar Shatterkeel, leader of the Cult of the Crushing Wave. However, they found the portal open, the elemental goddess Olhydra fully realized, and Shatterkeel unconscious and guarded by the crocodiles.

In their attempt to push the Princess of Dark Water back through the portal and into her elemental realm. However, with teamwork, tenacity, and more than a little luck, the Traveling Nameless managed to instead destroy her completely, close the portal, and retrieve the final elemental orb.


The Traveling Nameless made their final stand against a coming apocalypse of any kind.

After following Flaxuul through his time portal, our heroes ran through a raging battlefield to the doors of Scarlet Moon Hall, an old Eternal Flame base that Flaxuul made his home.

The Nameless talked their way past 2 of 3 elemental cult lieutenants, found some great loot in the armory, and confronted Flaxuul.

Somehow surviving blast after blast of the beholder’s eye rays, Nim finally killed the cult leader and saved the day. With a stroke of genius, devised an escape plan – everyone but Veylin hide in the portable hole they found, have Veylin tie the hole around her neck like a bandana, and drink her Potion of Gaseous Form to fly through the battlefield unharmed.

As they successfully reached the end of the warzone, Melech swooped in on the Oncoming Storm with Lord’s Alliance reinforcements, and extracted our heroes to safety.

Princes of the Apocalypse
Many Paths, One Destination

After their victory at the Hill of Lost Souls, the Traveling Nameless was given a seemingly simple task by Sildar Hallwinter and the Lord’s Alliance. They were to find a delegation that was traveling from the eastern city of Mirabar to Waterdeep on the Sword Coast. The delegation never made it to Mirabar, and has not been heard from in a month.

Our heroes arrived in the western outpost of Red Larch, a town near the Sumber Hills that acts as a common westbound waypoint and along the route the delegation would have traveled. In Red Larch, the Nameless met various citizens and shopkeepers, who all pointed them in different directions – toward the local tavern, toward rumors of masked figures haunting the town at night, toward a shady keelboat skipper in the neighboring village of Womford, and toward the mysterious Sumber Hills themselves.

Upon further investigation into the disappearance of the delegation to Mirabar, the Traveling Nameless uncovered burning secrets in the town of Red Larch.

Firstly, the town was being secretly governed by a collection of affluent citizens who called themselves the Believers and met in an old mining center they called the Tomb of Moving Stones. There, the Believers sought to unlock the mysteries of floating stones that were actually just remnants of an enchanted mine that allowed its owners to easily move stones back and forth.

Secondly, the Believers were being manipulated by Larrakh, a cultist of the Black Earth who sought to regain favor from his cult by handing over the town of Red Larch. It was discovered that the four Elemental cults had settled in the Sumber Hills in search of the Elemental Evil, which each cult raced to find in order to bring forth their own brand of apocalypse.

Not to be outdone, our heroes dispatched the local Black Earth cultists and deceived the Believers into thinking that the Nameless were readers of the stones, who would teach the Believers their ways as long as they no longer harmed townspeople and continued to provide the party with information.

This directed them to Rivergard Keep, one of four elemental strongholds, this one held by the cult of the Crushing Wave. Upon infiltrating the keep, the Nameless stealthily assassinated 8 guards, before moving on to a barracks of 16 unarmed and unarmored cultists, where they set a personal record of 16 kills in 12 seconds (1.33 kills/sec). We rejoin our heroes at 3pm in the now empty barracks of Rivergard Keep, having just interrogated and killed a briefly paralyzed cultist. They now know the location of the remaining Haunted Keeps, which serve as operating bases of the rest of the elemental cults.

The Traveling Nameless continued mowing down Crushing Wave cultists in their base of operations – Rivergard Keep.

They confronted Jollivar Grimjaw, a wereboar commander of the cult who was defeated and subjected to a grisly interrogation at the hands of Davorian Soulaxe. Grimjaw revealed that the cult knew of the party’s presence in Red Larch, and posited that they would never be able to defeat his master, known as Shatterkeel.

The party narrowly avoided six ghouls and the rest of the cultist guards as they escaped the keep and headed west toward Scarlet Moon Hall, base of the cult of the Eternal Flame.

The Fall and Rise of the Zhentarim Empire

The Zhentarim were always meant to be a group that sought power and influence, by whatever means necessary. Even when fallen and defeated, the Zhentarim were a force to be reckoned with. As he stands over the altar, his hand on the vial, bloody and dying, Manshoon remembers the Zhentarim’s founding. He remembers gaining legitimacy through fear. He remembers seizing the fortress of Darkhold from the giants who built it. He remembers watching the life leave his own eyes countless times as he killed himself, and himself, and himself again – over and over and over – until he was sure that the only Manshoons left were the loyal ones. But more than anything, he remembers the promise he made to himself at the very beginning, the promise that would now kill him – the promise to live forever.

Not everyone in his organization would agree with his methods, especially not at this very moment, but none would dare oppose him. If the Zhentarim could bring nightmares to the realm of Faerun, Manshoon was the boogeyman.

Cassandra Shineheart could not let him go. Ever since Manshoon almost killed her, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. For some reason, his raw power was attractive to her, awakening something inside her that she never knew was there, and she doubted she could tell her sister. But more than anything, it was his voice. His deep, driving, boom echoed in her mind and drove her obsession. For weeks she hunted him down, listened for whispers of Zhentarim activity. Finally, she tried a scrying ritual, one that would pinpoint his location. She told herself that all she wanted was to just see him again, hear his voice. This lie would endanger them all. The scrying ritual was a success, and she saw him, in the shadows of a great forest on the edge of a clearing where ruins of an ancient fortress stood. And it felt for a moment like he was looking back at her. Then, without warning, a wave of pure magical energy hit her and she saw what he saw – large stone doors beneath a mountain, a fluorescent potion, and a skull, with the flicker of light behind dead eye sockets. She told Topher they had a new client northeast of Baldur’s Gate, just off the Serpent’s Tail Stream, near the Hill of Lost Souls. He was wary, but what location these days didn’t have an ominous sounding name? She was also one of his bosses, so the Shineheart Circus packed up and headed east.

Heading south from the ruins once known as Rathgar, the Traveling Nameless did not know what they might encounter, only that when they arrived at the Hill of Lost Souls, danger would be waiting for them.

As they approached the Hill of Lost Souls, the Nameless came across a bonfire where the Shineheart Circus had set up camp. After a shaky meeting and the reveal of Cassandra’s motive to see Manshoon, the newly combined party found a hidden riddle door that revealed itself when the moon was at its highest.

Upon entering, the ten adventurers faced a logic problem with an answer that divided the group in half, mixing the members and forcing new companions to work together along two separate paths. Taking the path of the Jester, one group faced a hungry stone face that spouted potions and punished those who attempted to take its gemstone eyes, as well as a button in the palm of a dragon statue that threatened to kill the heroes unless they continually reset a countdown clock. Meanwhile, those who followed the path of the King faced another riddle, as well as a hidden door mechanism where a dead body hung above a basin filled with the corpse’s blood.

After reuniting in a joint antechamber, the group entered the main temple to find scores of dead Zhentarim, a dead gold dragon, and a dying Manshoon, who seemed confident he would return after drinking the Elixir of Defilation. Our heroes went on to battle forty undead Zhentarim, a Dracolich, and, upon returning as a lich, Manshoon himself. Cassandra told him in front of everyone that she wasn’t interested in him; it was super embarrassing. He lashed out at her, but her friends, old and new, put a stop to his threat of Endless Night before it could begin.

In defeating Manshoon, the Shinehearts and Nameless forged a new alliance that will be sure to stand the test of time and future dangers.

The Ruins of Rathgar

When he assigned you this mission, SIldar Hallwinter’s eyes narrowed and jaw clenched. Yes, this is a simple dungeon crawl, and yes, there have been reports of deaths and disturbances surrounding the tower of Rathgar. It’s really nothing you’ve never handled before. But Sildar’s obvious concern isn’t the tower itself. He expresses to you that there have also been reports of an unusual amount of Zhentarim in the area. Over the past few years, a growing darkness has been spreading over the region. One backed by gold and power and influence. The Zhentarim are working toward something, and there is even a rumor that it’s founder, the elusive Manshoon, has returned to the Sword Coast.

The tower was once known as Rathgar and served as a keep to an old lord. It is but a few days’ journey east from Phandalin, and while Melech is away tending to the Desertkin, you welcome the walk. So rarely do you simply get the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. As you make camp the second night, Patzer regales you with humorous stories from her torrid past. Hollykhan demonstrates the best way to humanely kill and skin your dinner, a small but elderly buck who had lost his way. Veylin tells fables from her childhood in the Underdark, and gives a brief glimpse into her life as a servant of Lolth, the Spider Goddess. Davorian relates a raunchy joke he heard once, long ago, in a happier time. And Nim listens to all of this silently and smiles, her nose in a book almost bigger than her.

You arrive at Rathgar at dusk of the third day, extremely well rested. You decide this is as good a time as any for heroes like yourselves. The tower is right where Sildar said it would be, in a clearing surrounded by tall redwoods that frame the stars above you. What he didn’t tell you, and might not have known itself, is that the tower was once the center of a larger edifice, and ruins of four smaller towers surround it at the North, South, East, and West.

As our heroes explore the ruined tower, they find that each floor contains a large, many-sided stone, each paired with an inscription in a different language that reads, “Prime the stone and the way will be revealed.” Deducing that the stones must be turned to show prime numbers, the Nameless quickly ascend the tower and discover an altar with a circle of dwarvish runes reading, “Only a righteous hand will reveal the path.” Veylin places her hand in the circle.

The runes surrounding your hand begin to glow. In an instant, The Ruins of Rathgar come alive with a brilliant light and generate a blast of energy that sends a shockwave in all directions and into the surrounding forest, causing the trees to sway outward before flexing back to their original position.

All at once, the Nameless are hit with a vision – large stone doors, a mysterious potion, and a skull with the hint of life behind its vacuous eyes. The Nameless believe the potion to be the Elixir of Defilation, the key to a ritual known as the Ceremony of Endless Night.

Laughing in the distance, Manshoon, leader of the Zhentarim makes himself known, along with 21 Zhentarim cultists and a Carrion Crawler. Manshoon reveals that he used the Nameless to reveal the location of the potion and ritual, a place in the east known as the Hill of Lost Souls, and takes his leave to pursue it.

After a battle spanning multiple elevations, and large body counts racked up by Nim, Patzer, and Hollykhan, our heroes emerged victorious, with the recently-invisible Veylin landing the killing blow against the carrion crawler. Leaving behind a single survivor to tell the tale, the Nameless headed east, hot on Manshoon’s trail.

The Corinthian Chronicle
But now faith, hope, love abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Having just escaped the Mines of Madness, the Nameless set out to rescue Davorian, who has been drawn back into the world of an ancient cult committed to guarding the Balance of Good and Evil in the world.

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